Sanela Jakovljev is an Associate Clinical Counsellor with MindRight Counselling & Consulting. She received her Master of Counselling degree from the City University of Seattle in Canada. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). She has degrees in Business and Finance from Hammersmith and Westminster College, London UK, a BSc in Psychology from Guildhall University, London UK, a BA in English Literature from Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Serbia, and VCC certificates in Addictions and Community Counselling. Her experience of war highlighted the fragility of life, taught her gratitude, and inspired a desire to be there for others to help ease their pain.

Passionate about her chosen counselling profession, she has trained in various modalities and interventions for trauma and PTSD survivors. Experience learning Montessori at IMS, owning a daycare, and training kindergarten teachers has allowed her to support children struggling with ADHD, ASD, anxiety, and behavioral issues. In addition, working in group homes and parenting teenagers has led to mentoring youth in addiction, relationships, and mental health.

Sanela’s other specialization is chronic pain, where personal experience and work with PainBC have deepened her skills. Honoring the mind-body connection, she employs CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, holistic and humanistic approaches to counselling, and encourages healing and wholehearted living. Her work with refugees and former combatants proved how deeply scarring, and life-diminishing unresolved trauma can be. Relationship counselling is a special interest and not limited to couples—people are constantly in relationships with themselves, others, and the world itself.

Sanela believes in the human drive to connect in meaningful ways and is honored to remove obstacles that prevent this connection. She brings her authentic curiosity, warmth, and openness into the counselling room, helping clients achieve creative, realistic solutions. It is her privilege to share the power of vulnerability while supporting personal exploration and the growth that blooms from it.

Sanela speaks English and Bosnian.